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May 15, 2015

Hello Dearest Readers …

First of all, thanks for visiting my new blog. As you know, today is a special day and date since I will spend this long weekend with my family and happily announce the new link of my blog (yeayyy!!). Previously, I was (not so) active blogging in agnezrt.wordpress.com. By having this new link, hopefully will bring more spirit to write things I want to share such as: book/music reviews, summaries, notes, recipes, travel notes, etc. Some of the materials that you could see in Categories were migrated from the old link. I will deactivate it soon.

Writing, in my opinion, is a tool on how we could share this endless world from our point of view. And one of my purpose why I need to document it via this blog is sharing. I want to share what I have got in life, what just happened in my circle, anything. Hopefully it could be useful for others and myself in the future. As a human being, searching for meaning also become my purpose in life. I do not want to live my life like β€˜let the water flow’, we will see the meaning later. What happen in the future, it depends on what action we take today. Let’s change! For a better future, Dear. πŸ™‚

Last but not least, I want to encourage you if you want to educate people around you or anyone, start writing and publish it. By sharing knowledge, it will never goes away from us. As a wise man said that ..

β€œKnowledge has no value, unless you use and share it.”

So, let’s start gaining more knowledge, sharing and applying it in our daily life.

Have a nice long weekend (for those who take annual leave this Friday).


Picture taken by: Arry

Location: Z.M. Willem III Lighthouse

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